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When using multiple single strands of smooth 12.5 gauge, class 3 galvanized, high tensile wire we can custom design a fence or trellis to meet your needs, wants and your budget. It can range from a single strand to any number of strands and to any height to solve the problem at hand.

Our class 3 galvanized high tensile wire has over 250% more zinc than most barbed and woven page wire allowing it to greater withstands atmospheric corrosion. This high tensile wire with a minimum tensile strength of 2000,000 psi and a minimum breaking strength of 1650 lbs. allows the wire to easily withstand both cold weather contraction and the pressure of trespassers, livestock, and falling trees without loosing its elasticity. This results in longer life, lower maintenance costs and a stronger fence.

Smooth 12.5 gauge, class 3 galvanized, high tensile wire has a minimum tensile strength which is twice (2x) the strength of a heavy duty double stranded barbed wire. This allows it to be pulled tighter eliminating loose or sagging wire. This also means that it is almost 4 times harder to cut than page or barbed wire thus discouraging most trespassers.

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