If someone tells you that the job is impossible, it just means that they cannot do it. Ontario High Tensile Fencing Co., as the fence problem solvers, believes that anything is possible and we have built our reputation on this philosophy.

Our Many Services

Appalachian Split Rail

Cedar Rail
Fence Problem Solving
Fence Repairs
Guide Cable/Flex
Materials Installation
Pole Buildings
Post Driving
Sign Posts
Single Strand Class 3
Gal. High Tensile Fencing
Vineyard Trellising
Woven High Tensile Fencing


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Now with an additional location in Collingwood!!
Please contact Milton office.


Flexibility and Diversity
Over the past 21 years, Ontario High Tensile Fencing has developed a reputation for solving the customer's fencing, trellising and guide cable/rail problems with innovation, common sense and shear determination!

Ontario High Tensile Fencing Co. has two 4 x 4 truck mounted post drivers capable of drilling holes in frozen ground, sun-baked hard clay, concrete or asphalt and drive wood posts, as well as steel pipe and "I" beams 10-12" in diameter and 16' long.

No two fencing, guide cable, or trellising jobs are identical and so Ontario High Tensile Fencing specifically tailors each application to your needs.
Ontario High Tensile Fencing installs fences for a wide range of applications and livestock.
Ontario High Tensile Fencing warranties all materials and construction for a period of two years against breakdown or failure. This does not include willful or accidental damage caused by others.
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