Private Landowner
With over 20 years of experience, Ontario High Tensile Fencing has fenced many miles of strictly property delineation fencing.
Property Fencing



Single Strand High Tensile

Keystone wire mesh

Chain Link


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Property Delineation
For the non-farming landowner we have installed fencing to delineate his property line and to deter trespassers. This is normally a non-electric, single strand, smooth, high tensile wire fence with visibility strip that will last for decades.

In some cases this fence has been enhanced to a security fence where we have used either a small opening woven mesh such as "Keystone Wire's non climb fence wire" in many rural locations, while in other areas we have used a chain link fence.
We can normally work year round. Frozen ground and up to approximately 18-24" of snow does not really bother us.

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