General Contractors
From repair and maintenance, to guide rail and flex beam we can help you with your contracting and problem solving needs!

Our Clients:

Armbro Construction Ltd.

D'Orazio Infrastructure Group

Graham Bros. Construction Ltd.

MTM Restoration and Construction Group

Tacc Construction Ltd.

Walter Construction name a few

P.O. Box 6
Milton, Ontario

L9T 2Y1
(905) 878-3976
Fax: (905) 878-9099













Now with an additional location in Collingwood!!
Please contact Milton office.


Repair and Maintenance
Ontario High Tensile Fencing is available on demand for fast, efficient, and professional service. With a wide experience range Ontario High Tensile Fencing is well qualified for all your contracting needs.
With knowledge and experience with highway work including, flex beam and guide cable, to end anchors for bridges with eccentric and barrel ends as well as sign installation Ontario High Tensile is a valuable resource solving your construction problems.

We can drive wood or steel posts to shore up washout areas and to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

We can normally work year round. Frozen ground and up to approximately 18-24" of snow does not really bother us.

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